Fox attacks multiple people in Frederick County

A fox attacked multiple people on a walking path in Monrovia, according to the Frederick County Health Department.

Officials say the fox attacked more than one person at different times near the bridge on the Landsdale walking path close to the pond on Saturday. They say the fox was not afraid of either people or dogs.

"Although the fox has not been captured or tested for rabies, unprovoked attacks are one of the signs of a rabid animal, and the Frederick County Health Department wants the public to be aware of this situation," a press release reads.

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Here's what you can do to stay safe:

- Observe wildlife, including stray cats, from a distance

- Alert Animal Control if you see a fox that is acting strangely or appears sick

- Notify Animal Control immediately if you have physical exposure to a wild animal so that the animal can be captured and tested for rabies

- Seek medical attention for any scratches or bites from unknown animals

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If you have exposure to this fox, officials say you should contact Frederick County Animal Control at 301-600-1544, notify the Frederick County Health Department at 301-600-3342 and consult your health care provider.