FOX 5's Tucker Barnes says his mother made emergency evacuation from California wildfires

Fast-moving, deadly wildfires are continuing to burn their way through California Tuesday. So far the flames have killed at least 10, injured at least 100, and have destroyed at least 1,500 homes and businesses.

FOX 5's Tucker Barnes says his mother lives in the area impacted by the disaster and made an emergency evacuation from her home Sunday night after a neighbor ran to her house to warn her of the approaching flames.

Tucker said his mother had to make a dangerous drive to safety with only a few possessions.

"She said she escaped with her dogs, her shower cap, and her hair brush," Tucker told us. She had to evacuate a second time from a hotel that later would burn to the ground.

"She's in a house now with 20 other people on a couch," he said. Tucker said she told him her house is still standing at this point and she is trying to figure out her next step.

"She's fine but her neighbors and a lot of her friends are not doing as well," Tucker said. "Imagine having nothing left - the entire neighborhood is gone."