FOX 5 team brings home 14 Emmy Awards

We're proud to congratulate the FOX 5 team on a big night at the 57th National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter Emmy Awards.

Our talented reporters, anchors, photojournalists, and producers brought home 14 Emmys at Saturday night's event-- and our own Sue Palka was the emcee!

Congratulations to the following Emmy winners:

Photojournalists Chip Baysden, Lance Ing, Ronnie McCray, Eugene Russell, Rob Lynch, Nelson Jones, Joe Spevak and Austin Reeves

Anchors Laura Evans, Holly Morris and Steve Chenevey

Reporters Paul Wagner, Lauren DeMarco, and Beth Parker, and former FOX 5 reporter Sherri Ly

Producer Leigh Lesniak


Here is a complete list of FOX 5 winners and their stories:

1) Paul Wagner: "A Callous Disregard", Continuing Coverage- No Time Limit

2) Eugene Russell, Leigh Lesniak, Rob Lynch, Ronnie McCray, Austin Reeves and Lance Ing: "Beyond the Lens" Magazine Program- Program/Special.

3) Lauren Demarco: "Christmas Pancakes", General Assignment Report 24hrs.

4) Lauren Demarco and Joe Spevak : "Shelter-Undercover", Investigative Report- Single Story.

5) Holly Morris and Nelson Jones: "Navy Yard Shooting: One year Later", General Assignment Report- No Time Limit.

6) Steve Chenevey: "Composite", Anchor- News

7) Laura Evans: "Next Great Thing", Technology- News Feature

8) Beth Parker and Chip Baysden: "Running Blind", Feature News Report- Serious Feature.

9) Chip Baysden: "Composite" Photographer- News within 24hrs

10) Chip Baysden: "Composite" Photographer- News No Time Limit

11) Chip Baysden: "Composite" Photographer- Sports

12) Lance Ing: "Gift of Life" Photographer- Video Essay

13) Lance Ing: "Composite" Editor No Time Limit.

14) Sherri Ly: "Gift of Life", Health /Science- News Single Story