FOX 5 intruder suspect George Odemns to be released from custody

An alleged intruder who was shot in the FOX 5 lobby in Washington, D.C. after smashing through two glass doors will be released from custody, according to officials.

George Odemns, who was found incompetent to stand trial in January, will be released from custody on Wednesday, the Department of Justice confirmed to FOX 5.

Odemns was shot by a security guard after he allegedly forced his way through the glass doors of the lobby at FOX 5's building on Wisconsin Avenue in the Friendship Heights neighborhood on Oct. 22.

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His entry into the building was captured on surveillance video from inside and outside of the entrance to the lobby area.

In January, D.C. Superior Court Judge Michael O'Keefe ordered Odemns to be sent to Saint Elizabeth's hospital for treatment and evaluation. At that time, O'Keefe said he considered Odemns to be a danger to the community, FOX 5 specifically and to himself.

Federal prosecutor Silvia Gonzales Roman said Odemns suffers from schizophrenia, has mood swings, hears three different voices and suffers from paranoid thoughts and delusional beliefs.

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Before Odemns was sent to Saint Elizabeth's hospital, his defense team said the medications he was taking at the jail were not helping.

Odemns had sued FOX 5 in 2014 for $100 billion, alleging the station installed a nanochip inside him. According to the lawsuit, Odemns claimed he worked on a number of FOX 5 shows in a variety of capacities "with the aid of" the "illegal nanochip."

Odemns has been issued a stay-away order for FOX 5 and its employees, according to the Department of Justice.