Former student says Rachel Dolezal dismissed her as 'not Hispanic enough'

Embattled activist Rachel Dolezal, who was forced to resign from the NAACP for falsely portraying herself as black, reportedly once denied a college student participation in a class activity because she "didn't look Hispanic enough."

The student – who would rather remain anonymous - told BuzzFeed - that she didn't think much of the incident when it happened a few years ago. At the time Dolezal was a teacher at Eastern Washington University, located in Cheney, Wash.

"Now I wish I had said something, especially now that her race is the one people are questioning," the student said.

A light-skinned Hispanic who grew up in a Spanish-speaking country, she raised her hand without qualms when Dolezal called for a student with Hispanic background to come to the front of the class, to take part in an activity she called "Fishbowl." In it, the volunteer was to be asked questions by the rest of the class about her racial experiences.

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