Former rival gang members own catering service

One from the from the Bloods. Both from Compton.

Malachi Jenkins and Roberto Smith are former rival gang members who have dropped their lives of hustling--to come together and whip things up in the kitchen. These two guys were introduced by a mutual friend and ended up having a bond that includes some good ol' ingredients and a lot of passion.

Together, they own Trap Kitchen L.A. The catering service creates incredible meals on the daily and they sell out like hot cakes. What's awesome is they deliver it to customers' doors.

Their business is booming, and has been since 2013. They know they aren't the only ones who have wanted to leave gang life; so they hire who are like them and want to move on to bigger and much better things.

This proves no matter who your enemy is, you can work to overcome the differences and become successful together.

A Trap Kitchen L.A. motto: "Just trying to feed the world so I can feed my family."

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