Former Prince band member from Houston remembers music legend

Houston musician Josh Dunham calls the five years he spent playing bass guitar in Prince's band a life-changing experience.

"Incredible," said Dunham with a big smile.

Starting in 2005, the Kashmere High School graduate shared stages all around the world with the music icon.

"Wow, I'm up here on stage -- I used to watch his movie Purple Rain and now here I am playing the song with him," said Dunham. "Yeah, a dream come true."

Dunham said Prince treated his band like family which was nice since Josh's wife was Prince's drummer.

"He would just sit and talk to you about life, you know music is great, but what else you going to do," explained Dunham.

Prince had reportedly been battling the flu for several weeks before his death. Dunham called him the day before he died.

"I was surprised because he actually answered the phone." Dunham said he sounded fine. "He picked up said 'Hello.' I said, 'Hey this is Josh, just calling to check on you.' He's like, 'Well, I'm doing good, thanks.' I was like, 'Did I catch you at a bad time?' (He said) 'No, I'm just having lunch.'"

By the next morning, the man born Prince Rogers Nelson was dead at 57.

"It's still very shocking just to hear his voice and you know," said Dunham before breaking down in tears.

A relentless "perfectionist" and "spontaneous" performer may have left this world, but leaves behind a musical legacy like very few others have.

"He just made me have a love for music," said Dunham. "Every night hearing him play his guitar when I was out on the road with him, it felt like the first time hearing him play because it was just so precise."