Former DC Department of Corrections worker accused of having boyfriend killed

Carmelita Henderson, 49, was charged with first-degree murder while armed, and conspiring to kill Levi Davis, who is also a former inmate at the jail. Henderson appeared in court Thursday afternoon.

This is a tale of jealousy and an alleged romantic relationship between a D.C. Department of Corrections mail clerk and an inmate. It ended with that inmate, Davis, murdered in September of 2015. He was shot more than a dozen times months after he was released from jail.

Documents reveal that a cooperator told police that Henderson said she planned to have Davis killed because he "got her fired from her job, was beating on her, and ruined her life."

On the night of the murder, Davis was shot in Henderson's car. Henderson was there and gave police a sensational account of two masked men opening fire on Davis, saying he tried to climb over her in the driver's seat to get away from the shooters. But witnesses say the men were not masked and Henderson was standing outside the car across the parking lot.

After more than a yearlong investigation and interviewing a long list of witnesses and people with knowledge of the murder - Henderson was arrested Wednesday.