Former Capitol Police Chief speaks on Capitol riot in first on-camera interview since attack

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund is speaking out on the Capitol riot that occurred on Jan. 6 in his first on-camera interview since the attack and his resignation from his position.

Sund spoke to FOX 5 DC, telling our Natalie Rubino that he asked House and Senate security officials for their permission to call in the National Guard two days prior to the attack and was denied.

He says he also asked five more times for the National Guard during the siege and was repeatedly denied until they arrived at 5:40 p.m. on Jan. 6, several hours after the attack had begun. 

"I was astonished," Sund said.

When asked about a video circulating on social media of Capitol Police officers opening gates and letting people further into Capitol grounds, Sund said any types of incidents like that will be investigated but is concerning.

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Sund got emotional when recalling what the Capitol Police officers went through, saying they were only expecting a large protest and not a mobbed attack.

"My officers were out there," Sund said. "They were battling hard. They were doing everything they could to protect the Capitol and we had to go through that, and that’s what’s concerning. I take responsibility and I really feel bad that my officers had to go through that."

Two Capitol Police officers have died following the riot. Multiple officers were also wounded as a result of the attack on the Capitol.

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"We just had the death of Brian Sicknick, Howard [Liebengood] – he was a close friend of mine. Brian was a fantastic officer," Sund said. "You won't talk to a single person that doesn’t say Brian was one of the nicest guys around."

Watch FOX 5 tonight for the full interview with Sund.