Flags stolen from Gordon County memorial

One local Army veteran is appalled and hurt by what he calls an 'unbelievable' crime.

Richard Rogers told FOX 5 News someone stole flags, which honored the military, law enforcement and first responders, from a memorial he built in Gordon County. Rogers believes thieves hit the property on Nickelsville Road sometime Saturday.

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"It's sad people would do something like this to something of this nature," Rogers said. "They are just low-life to do something like this."

Rogers started building the memorial last summer. He finished it a month ago, complete with statues of an eagle, a combat soldier and a fallen soldier.

Rogers said he has been working with the Gordon County Sheriff's Office to solve the crime.

And, until he finds out who's behind it, he plans to replace the flags that were taken.

"I will put up some more. I won't quit. I didn't quit when I was in the service and I won't quit now," he said.