Watch: Fishermen spot sharks in huge feeding frenzy off Louisiana coast

A bizarre scene occurred while fishermen were on the water in Venice, Louisiana. 

The group was searching for yellowfin tuna when they witnessed sharks feasting on fish in a Feb. 12 video shared with the social news platform Storyful. 

Dillon May recorded the video and explained to Storyful that the fishermen thought the disturbance in the water was a tuna boil, a term that describes a feeding frenzy that makes the water look like it’s boiling. 

In the video, sharks surround the boat while eating fish as their fins flail, and the fishermen get doused with water. 

May tells Storyful that he and his girlfriend were fishing on a friend’s boat and said the sharks were in such a frenzy water was knocked onto the boat. 

"By the time we got there, the sharks had found the pod and pushed them up against the boat to feast on them," May said.