First pair of Greater flamingo chicks born at Jacksonville Zoo

Zookepers in Jacksonville gave the public a peek at two flamingo newborns.

The first baby bird hatched at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens on June 21, with the second one hatching on June 27. Both are Greater flamingos, which are a species found in warm, watery areas around the globe, according to the National Geographic.

Zookeepers said it's the first time they've had the species hatch at the zoo. They received 36 African Greater flamingos back in 2016 from ZooTampa at Lowry Park. They are born gray, and later take on the pink pigments from their meals.

One of the chicks is being raised by zoo keepers after its parents rejected it. The zoo posted video on its Facebook page showing the newborn stretching its tiny legs, and releasing the loudest squeaks it can muster. It also tries to take flight by flapping its small wings, but it didn't leave the ground.

It will stay behind-the-scenes as it receives around-the-clock feedings. The second chick is with its parents, living among other Greater flamingos at the zoo.

Two other babies were born at the Jacksonville Zoo: penguin chicks. The zoo is asking guests to cast a vote on which chick is the cutest, the flamingo or the penguin? The poll can be found on the zoo's Facebook page. The contest will run until July 13, and will throw a victory party of the pair of chicks that is considered to be the cutest.