FIRST ON FOX: DC shuts down store for synthetic drugs; arrests made nearby

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The Bladensburg Market Dollar Plus is the first store to be shut down as a result of D.C.'s new emergency synthetic drug law. The Northeast D.C. store was closed earlier this week, FOX 5's Alexandra Limon has learned.

The store has been closed in the past, but now police can use stricter punishments against the business.

"The way we're going to solve the problem is we're going to enforce the law that's in place. I'm actually really thrilled to see that so quickly after it was put in place that we're enforcing it," said Adam Roberts, ANC 5D.

While FOX 5 was on the scene, D.C. police officers descended on a park nearby on Bladensburg Road and Benning Road, which is just a couple of blocks from the store.

"I just know that that's the 'Scooby Park' where everybody goes and sells and smokes their Scooby," one woman said.

Scooby Snax is just one of the brand names of synthetic drugs.

Police arrested two people suspected of selling the drugs at the park. Our cameras exclusively captured officers bagging evidence and cash seized from the suspects.

"Problems of drugs are a common issue here in Starburst for a long time. I've been living in the neighborhood for about five years and it's been a problem as long as I've been here," said Roberts.

While some residents are glad to see authorities cracking down, they're concerned about finding a permanent solution.

"We need for it to be closed permanently because if they open up again we're going to have the same problem," said one woman.

The new law gives police the power to shut down businesses for four days after a first offense. If there are repeat offenses, stores can be closed permanently.