FIRST ON FOX: DC police officer, pastor faces sex abuse charge

A D.C. police officer has been arrested and is now facing a charge of first degree sex abuse of a minor.

Alleged victims of 45-year-old D.C. police veteran, Darrell Best, spoke exclusively with FOX 5 Monday night. They say Best is also their pastor and lured a 16-year-old girl and a now 18-year-old woman to perform sexual acts.

A man who did not want to be identified said his 16-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted by Best.

"I asked this man did you put your hands on my daughter? Did you penetrate my daughter? Did you have sex with my daughter? He did not deny. I'm expecting him to say no, no… he didn't," the man told FOX 5's Marina Marraco.

An 18-year-old told FOX 5 that when she was 17, Best was her spiritual leader and was guiding her towards a career in the police force. She noticed a change when she says he took her out to dinner alone with the pretense of counseling her. Then she says he requested quote "erotic pictures of her body" and in December 2014, she alleges he drove her in an unmarked cruiser to D.C. police headquarters, where she says he forced her to perform sexual acts.

"I told him ‘No' on multiple occasions, plenty of times. And he just sweet talked and just let it be and just conniving," she said. "And he was armed and I didn't know what he could've had up his sleeve so I didn't know," the alleged victim added.

At God of Second Chance Ministries in Southeast where Best is pastor, no one answered the door. Since the allegations surfaced, the church's phone number seems to have been disconnected.

Best was not at his house, but his mother did answer some questions.

"Has he stepped down from his position at the church?" asked FOX 5's Marina Marraco.

"Yeah," she responded.

"What did he say happened and why did he step down?" Marraco asked.

"He didn't say, he just said something bad happened that's all."

Best did issue a brief statement saying, "They are only allegations and when or if there is an appropriate time, I will comment further."