Fire forces Fox News, television networks DC staff to evacuate

Several television studios were evacuated Sunday morning when a fire broke out just after 7 a.m. on the eighth floor of a building off of North Capitol Street in D.C.

The building houses several television networks and their studios - including Fox News, C-SPAN, and MSNBC.

Firefighters had to break out multiple windows to ventilate the smoke. No one was inside the studio when the fire began - and no one was injured.

Investigators say everyone was able to make it out the building safely thanks to the fire alarm.

Fire officials say they found an electrical panel on fire in a studio and were able to extinguish it with the help of the building's sprinkler system.

"We found an electrical panel on fire in a studio facility on the eighth floor. We were able to extinguish that fire, the sprinklers had activated," said Vito Maggiolo with D.C. Fire and EMS.

"Thank God for sprinklers, they are very effective devices. They contained the fire. Our firefighters finished it off with final attack," he said.