FedEx employee narrowly escapes tornado that destroys store

Surveillance video captured the moment a FedEx driver narrowly escaped an EF3 tornado that ripped through Louisiana last week.

In the video, Kyra Johnson is seen running up to the doors of a True Value Hardware store in Paincourtville. When she figures out they are locked, she hunkers down behind a nearby drink machine. Seconds later, the video shows the tornado ripping through the store.

It appears to be complete destruction before the video goes black.

Johnson said the tornado knocked the drink machine down and she clung onto it until the tornado passed.

She escaped without injury.

That tornado destroyed 45 homes and damaged more than 80 others as it moved through the area, according to Assumption Parish officials.

The owner of the store, David Sagona, couldn't even believe she made it out safely. "Kyra, you definitely had an angel looking over you," he said.

This is probably the best one yet. Kyra, you definitely had an angel looking over you