FCPS investigating Hayfield Secondary School football team over recruiting allegations

Hayfield Secondary School's new football head coach is facing allegations that dozens of student-athletes have transferred using fake addresses. 

Head coach Darryl Overton is formerly of the Freedom Eagles, a school at which he won back-to-back state championships and whose presence was felt in that community. 

"I've known Coach Overton over ten years now," said one parent to FOX 5. "My son has been a part of the youth programs, along with high school programs. He's a man of high integrity."

But some don't share that sentiment. 

Parent Regina Dorsey, whose son attended Hayfield prior to transferring to South County, tells FOX 5 she overheard conversations involving her son and former teammates alluding to as many as 33 student-athletes having transferred from Freedom to Hayfield. Some of which, she says, were using fake addresses – and some local parents were offered money to use theirs. 

"I was like, are they paying you? And she just got quiet. And then she was like, well, yeah, but I was just trying to help them out. And I was like, well, I hope they're paying you enough," said Dorsey.

FOX 5 spoke with other parents in the community, including Deanna Douherty. 

"I know that there have been some transfers. I don't know that it's been that big of an amount," said Douherty. "I have talked to my son. He's like, 'I think there's, like, seven.'"

Fairfax County Public Schools released this statement: 

"FCPS is aware of the concerns regarding the Hayfield Secondary School football program. A confidential investigation into those concerns began in early May and continues today. Part of the investigation involves residency checks, which will take time to ensure reports are thorough and accurate.

The Region 6 office and Hayfield Secondary School staff are speaking with team families who have shared concerns. The school's director of student activities immediately addressed concerns regarding team funds.

School staff are also looking into concerns players and families raised about the team's culture. Families will continue to receive regular updates, as appropriate."

FOX 5 reached out to Overton. He was not available for comment at the time.