Father arrested after loaded gun found inside 3-year-old boy's backpack at DC elementary school

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D.C. police arrested the father of a 3-year-old boy after an elementary school security guard found a loaded gun in the child's backpack.

According to the police report, the father was walking his son to Moten Elementary School in Southeast D.C. at around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday. Once inside, the security guard located a Glock 17 9mm semi-automatic pistol inside the boy's backpack, which was being carried into the school by the 3-year-old.

Police have charged 31-year-old Anthony Earl Chiles with carrying a pistol without a license, possession of unregistered ammunition and recklessly endangering a child's physical, mental or emotional health.

According to a charging document, police said surveillance camera footage showed the father had his hand on the back of the child's backpack as he was taking his son to the school. When they arrived, the security guard said due to the child being late, the security guard would have to take the child inside and Chiles could not come in.

Once they were inside, the security guard asked the boy for his name, but could not identify himself. The guard decided to go through child's backpack and that is when he found the handgun with one piece of ammunition in the chamber. At that point, D.C. police were called.

The charging document also says police went back to the home where the 3-year-old boy was staying during the night before. They interviewed his grandmother and another person and both said they did not see the boy with a backpack.

In D.C. Superior Court on Wednesday, the judge in this case was upset and told the prosecutor that the evidence in this case barely made probable cause and said it was "ridiculously slim" and "barely a footprint in the snow." Judge Renee Raymond said she would hold Chiles overnight, but wants him to have a hearing Thursday morning.

FOX 5 has learned that there was a search warrant filed in this case asking for buccal swabs from Chiles. This is a method D.C. police have been using to connect people to weapons by DNA.