Fat cat can't be bothered with treadmill workout

A morbidly obese cat in Washington is under strict orders to shed some pounds -- and she's not happy about it.

The extra-fluffy feline, named Cinder, was put on a water treadmill at a veterinarian's office in Bellingham.

But instead of walking on all fours, the fat cat sat in the corner and used just one paw on the treadmill -- all the while meowing in frustration.

Cinder, who also goes by the nickname "Cinder Block", had been surrendered to Northshore Veterinary Hospital by her previous owners.

The veterinarian put the cat on a weight reduction program to get her healthy.

The animal hospital said they decided to use an underwater treadmill for Cinder because she has arthritis in multiple joints and is carrying an extra 10 pounds of body weight. They started with a low water level to get her used to the feeling and are gradually raising it the more she uses it.

Staff said she is still getting acclimated to using the treadmill.