Family mourning loss of Va. woman killed on smoky Metro train at L'Enfant Plaza

Friends and family are remembering a 61-year-old woman from Alexandria who was killed on Monday when smoke filled her Metro train at L'Enfant Plaza.

Carol Glover's family tells us she was an exceptional woman, mother and grandmother. Ironically, her family says 33 years ago to the date, Glover's father died just like she did -- from smoke inhalation.

"When I saw her, every time it was always the same greeting," said Glover's brother Melvin Inman. "Always that ‘give me a big hug' type of thing. She would never say it. She would grab us and squeeze us to death."

That is how Glover did things -- she did them big just like her smile.

She was on a Virginia-bound Yellow line train that stopped in its tracks Monday afternoon as thick smoke seeped in for nearly an hour.

"She had respiratory problems, but she was in control," said her mother, Corrine Inman. "She had an inhaler in her bag, but rarely ever did she use her inhaler around us."

Glover's mother believes even her inhaler would not have helped.

But other passengers on that very train car did all they could to save Glover. They performed CPR for more than 20 minutes while they waited for help.

"I am just so grateful that they were there to give her that little piece within knowing that she was going to get help, and I just love and appreciate and thank God for them because I believe they were sent as angels," said Corrine.

The 61-year-old grew up in Northeast D.C. in the same house her mother still lives in. She graduated from Eastern High School and later with honors from Drexel University in Philadelphia.

Glover's older brother says someone needs to be held liable for his sister's death.

"I'm upset and I do not think that this is one of those things that needs to be swept under the rug," said Melvin.

Now the family says for now, they are just concentrating on mourning Glover and giving her the proper send off.

However, her brother made it clear they will look in to legal action.

The family has also started a memorial fund and have raised over $12,000 to put towards funeral and other unplanned expenses.

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