'Faithpalm': St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Dupont Circle turns heads with political signs

A D.C. church is raising eyebrows around Dupont Circle as it weighs in on politics with its "faithpalm" posters.

St. Thomas Episcopal Church is undergoing major renovations at Church Street Northwest and 18th Street Northwest, and church leaders decided the construction fencing would be a good place to speak on a number of issues, using signs that feature a photo of Jesus with his face in his hand.

One says, "Yes, science is real," while another sign states, "I never said I hated anyone."

A third reads, "What is it with America and guns," and the sign that appears to be grabbing the most attention appears to be aimed at President Donald Trump, which says, "The president said what?"

Rev. Alex Dyer of the St. Thomas Episcopal Church said there's a moral obligation to stand up and say something when injustice is seen.

"I don't want to speak for Jesus too much, but the Jesus that I know and the Jesus that I follow is a Jesus who reaches out to people in the margins, is a Jesus who loves everybody and doesn't put up border walls," Dyer told FOX 5. "I know there are Christians out there who are definitely in line with what our president is doing, but there is also a voice in Christianity that says this is not in line and this is not OK."

Dyer said another sign is being made and will touch on illegal immigration and the proposed border wall.