Fairfax County thieves targeting wheels, leaving cars on blocks

Thieves working as fast as NASCAR pit crews have been targeting cars in the Alexandria area of Fairfax County in recent days as they steal tires.

Fairfax County police said the suspects have stolen all four tires from at least four cars since Monday.

Safaa Alhanash said she didn't have fancy wheels on her 2017 Chevy Camaro, just the stock rims that came with the car when she bought it in August. But on Monday, she learned about her tires being stolen when a Fairfax County detective knocked on her door.

"The first thing to me wasn't shocking, it was just upsetting because here I am, I'm the victim now," Alhanash described.

Investigators dusted for prints all around the vehicle which was left on two concrete blocks in a public parking garage in Alexandria. Alhanash said the car had wheel locks on all of the tires, but the thieves were able to defeat them.

Now she's out hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars for new tires, a rental car and any damage to the car the thieves may have caused.

"I have to pay a $500 deductible and then I have to put a deposit toward my rental," Alhanash explained. "It's just a headache and then when you go to management and say, 'What can you do for me? Can you compensate me for the things that are coming out of my pocket because we're on your property and we should feel safe,' and they are telling you there's nothing they can do."

There's no word on any leads in the case, but there are cameras at both of the exits in the parking garage. It was unclear though if those cameras are capable of recording.

Authorities said they recommend putting wheel locks on each lug for a tire as it would slow down a thief attempting to steal tires. They also said turning your tires when you park makes it more difficult to steal.

Detectives also recommended an alarm with a touch sensor that can alert you when your vehicle is being touched.