Fairfax County slaying suspect: Teen used 'black magic' on girl

Virginia police testimony alleges a teenager was slain because the suspects thought he was a gang member who used black magic on his girlfriend.

News outlets report Fairfax County detective John Farrell told a judge Wednesday that Armando Dagoberto Reyes Reyes was arrested on murder and abduction charges and confessed he thought 16-year-old Richard Hernandez Cruz had caused a girl to lose 45 pounds (20 kilograms) and used her for sex by practicing "sorcery or black magic."

Farrell testified Hernandez Cruz was lured to a park where Reyes Reyes and others beat him then mutilated and buried his body. Reyes Reyes said Hernandez Cruz admitted to cursing the girl.

His attorney disputed that an abduction occurred.

Two other men and the girl are charged in the slaying.

The case moved to a grand jury.