Fairfax County Police continue search for gunmen who injured 6 people in gang-related shootings

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (FOX 5 DC) -- Police in Fairfax County are still searching for the gunmen who injured six people in three different gang shootings. They all happened in the Alexandria section of the county last week and people there remain on edge.

Two of the shootings happened at a playground at a townhouse community on Fordson Road near Richmond Highway. Shootings that in addition to injuring people put bullets in a home and vehicles. So far no one has been killed, but people worry about what could happen next with no arrests.

James Smith and his wife Shirley thought it was fireworks. It around 11 p.m. last Monday when a shooting at a playground left two teens injured and 29 shell casings scattered on the scene.

The very next day, last Tuesday, a shootout happened between two groups of men in front of businesses on Telegraph Rd. Three people were left injured.

Then, on Wednesday, another shooting happened back at the playground. One man was grazed by a bullet.

"They have no value for human life. That's clear and this is a great community and we as police officers are accountable for every round that we fire out of our guns it's clear from these videos that they don't care where their rounds go and people live there and they're afraid," said Police Chief Ed Roessler.

Roessler addressed those fears at a community meeting Tuesday. Some who attended were angry that police won't elaborate on the gangs involved.

"I refuse to give them free advertising," said Roessler.

The chief says investigators don't have a lot of information to go on. He vowed to find those responsible but asked for help to stop this spike in violence.