Fairfax County leaders looking for ways to encourage more electric vehicle use

Fairfax County officials want more electric vehicles on the road – and they’re exploring new ways to get people to drive them.

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"The biggest hurdle is availability of charging stations," explained Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeff McKay.

So last week, he made a proposal. As previously reported by InsideNoVa, McKay’s idea is to reduce or eliminate the permitting fees that come with installing electric vehicle charging stations.

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"For some properties it can be tens of thousands of dollars, without a doubt," McKay said. "Frankly we can’t be punishing people who are trying to do the right thing if we’re going to really seriously tackle our climate challenges."

Fairfax residents who talked to Fox 5 Monday expressed varying degrees of interest in the idea.

"I think they’re great," John Ware said of electric vehicles. "The only challenge will be longer distance trips."

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"I might get one five years down the road, but I won’t get one right at the moment," said John Wigington.

McKay said he’s heard plenty of interest.

"We have heard from apartment owners, condo owners, community association boards, HOA boards who have unused parking spaces that they want to put electric vehicle charging stations in and they would’ve already done it if it didn’t cost so much to go through the process," he said.

The proposal is still months away from potentially being approved. County staff is due back with a report for leadership in February.