EXCLUSIVE: Workers come to aid of man being attacked outside of Ben's Chili Bowl

It comes after Andy Rooney's grandson, Ben Fishel, was slashed across his face after being grabbed from behind outside his D.C. home.

The two attacks happened just blocks away from each other -- one in June while the other came in July. There is no indication they are connected.

But both victims tell us that they are frustrated with police because some video captured on surveillance cameras is not being released to the public. They want it all out there so the public can help solve these cases.

Fishel was slashed in the face near 11th and V Streets on July 19.

The other victim was jumped and beaten in the alley next to Ben's Chili Bowl on June 8.

"That night I spent about seven hours in the hospital," said the victim, who only wanted to be identified as Lance. "I had ten stitches to my eye, four or five lacerations and a fractured eye socket."

Lance sent us what he is calling edited police video of his attack. It happened at 6 p.m. and you can see he is approached from behind. He describes the attackers as young men likely holding onto keys as they punched him over and over.

"The kids I saw that night were vicious," said Lance. "All they wanted to do was beat and all they wanted to do was hurt."

Ben's Chili Bowl's surveillance cameras also captured the incident and the owners handed it over to Lance. He wants police to make any other video clips collected in that area public.

It is a similar complaint Fishel made last week.

"I think they should release the full video and show everybody that was involved," Lance told us.

He thinks the more video that is made public, the better chance they find his attackers and prevent others from being harmed.

"The fact that they would attack me, I'm 200 pounds, I know it's put a lot of fear into the neighbors," Lance said.

This attack may have been much worse if not for two heroes who sprang into action. Lance said he wants to bring attention to two workers from Ben Chili's Bowl who heard the attack and ran straight to him to help.

"It wasn't even a second of hesitation," said Lance. "As soon as they saw that something was going on, they ran toward the scene. They started running, not just watching, they were running at the attackers."

On the surveillance video, you can see the attackers are blocked from getting away and then the two cooks pull off their belts to fend them off.

"They pulled their belts off and literally chased them up U Street making sure they didn't do anything else to me as they came back," said Lance. "They were fully running."

He believes the Good Samaritans protected him from further harm and helped chase down one man.

"It does make me feel good," said Nizam Ali. "We are very proud of them."

His family owns Ben's Chili Bowl. He knows the cooks well and said the bravery isn't surprising.

"They have both been here for a long time," said Ali. "They do whatever it takes in the role of a chef or in the kitchen. They'll do whatever it takes."

Lance said the Ali family not only turned over surveillance camera video of the crime to help find the suspects, but they have also checked in on him several times and even sent flowers to his home as he recovered from the attack.