EXCLUSIVE: Video shows abuse at Charlotte daycare

Daycare workers -- you pay them to watch your kids -- but the question is: who is watching them?

That's what parents are wondering in East Charlotte after a FOX 46 investigation which was centered on some disturbing video involving children.

It all started with a video apparently shot by one of the daycare workers. It showed children belonging to an East Charlotte daycare being bullied.

The video showed at least two daycare workers scolding a child for going to the bathroom outside, asking if he's a dog, and continuing verbal abuse.

"We don't get paid to pick up your s**t," one of the women in the video said. "We don't."

A FOX 46 investigation points to the video coming from the social media app Snapchat, and the user, a woman we tracked to working at the Childcare Network off Sharon Amity Road.

There's more video recorded, at a place where cell phones are not even allowed inside. Some of the recordings are too obscene to show or describe.

FOX 46 showed the video to the daycare manager who said it's the first she has seen of it - and quickly asked our crews to leave the property.

The video is upsetting many parents, and it didn't take long for the daycare's district manager to come find our crew. She confirmed the child in the video belongs to their daycare and now they're investigating who is behind it.

"If it's true and she did do it at our school, she will be terminated immediately," District Manager Summer Elliott said.

The district manger said while FOX 46 was outside their facility she repeatedly tried calling the accused employee for answers, but had not heard back.

Around 100 children attend this location of Childcare Network - ages ranging from 6 weeks to 12-years-old.