EXCLUSIVE: Va. man charged with videotaping woman under clothing claims innocence

RESTON, Va. -- A man who pleaded guilty to squirting semen on women from a bottle in stores in Maryland five years ago is now in trouble with the law again.

Maryland prosecutors recommended 18 months in jail for Michael Wayne Edwards Jr. on those charges, but a Montgomery County District judge gave him probation.

But last week, Edwards was arrested in Virginia and charged with three sexual type crimes.

Last Wednesday, a woman bought her lunch at a Safeway store in Reston. As she walked back to work, a man exposed himself and simulated masturbation. He then ran away and the victim called police.

"The woman said that apparently she had seen him on other occasions when she was in the store and did notice him," said Fairfax County Police spokesperson Lucy Caldwell. "But she didn't feel at that time there was anything criminal taking place -- just that she was being watched."

Police found evidence that allegedly shows Edwards had videotaped the woman under her clothing inside the store.

The next day, police arrested Edwards and charged him with these three misdemeanors. He was put in jail.

But he told me on Wednesday that he didn't do it.

Miller: "You've been charged with videotaping a woman under her clothes at Safeway, masturbating and exposing yourself."

Edwards: "Obviously, I'm denying all of it. Obviously I feel like it is just an attack."

He also tried to pretend the semen incidents in Maryland never happened.

"If you look that up, legally, there is no conviction of me in Maryland," he told us.

Miller: "You pleaded guilty to that charge."

Edwards: "Legally, there is no conviction."

Edwards works as a trainer at Fusion 360, a gym located next door to the Reston Safeway store.

Another trainer at the gym, who refused to give us his name, defended his colleague.

"He says he is innocent," he said.

The owner of the gym locked us out when we approached her and she told us to call her lawyer.

Edwards's lawyer wouldn't talk to us on camera, but told me by phone that Edwards is asserting his innocence, the matter is still pending and she can't comment further.

The case remains an open investigation. Considering Edwards's criminal history, there may be more victims out there. The Fairfax County Police Department is asking you to call them if you believe that you have been victimized or have any information about this case.