EXCLUSIVE: Md. homeowner claims crews sprayed snow, ice at his house while clearing out roadway

A Montgomery County man said his home turned into a house of horrors as snow crews from the state were clearing out his neighborhood after the big blizzard.

He said his house was damaged by a barrage of snow and ice from a huge snowblower.

Elias Saboura, his wife and their children woke up from loud crashing sounds at around 1 a.m. Saturday. The back of their Silver Spring house was being bashed and their windows were shattering.

"What we heard is the whole house shaking, things are hitting the sides of the walls, the sides of the house," said Saboura. "We really thought these big trees had fallen on the house. We storm out of bed and run to the kids. The kids are screaming bloody murder. We grab them.

"What is scary is, as we were moving in the house, apparently the truck was moving, so I could hear the damage just following me."

Saboura said the only explanation was that a large Maryland State Highway Adminstration snowblower was clearing the snow and ice from Norbeck Road.

"Apparently they had the augers aimed directly at the house so all of the ice that they were clearing from the shoulder of the road was being thrown into my backyard and on the house," said Saboura.

There was a lot of damage to the home. The top floor windows were smashed and huge pieces of glass were all over the yard. The siding was cracked and pieces of the roof were on the ground.

"You can see all the tree limbs, these are all from the main road," Saboura said. "All of this black snow and ice and debris is from the main road."

Montgomery County police responded to the home and took a report. The officer told him to call the Maryland State Highway Administration on Monday.

He did call and was referred to the state treasurer to make a claim. They told him that it could take months for the state to "vigorously investigate" what happened.

"I'm going nuts," he said. "I've got glass all over my backyard. I've got kids who live out here in the spring and the summer. I have no idea where to start cleaning and then the state adds insult to injury saying we have to investigate this and somehow figure it out and then we'll come help you."

Saboura will pay for repairs with his homeowner's insurance, but he doesn't know how to get rid of all the shards of glass. He just wants the state to fix their mistake.

We asked the Maryland State Highway Administration about what happened and a spokesperson would only say that they would apologize, but only if it is proven they their snow plows blew the debris onto the house. The spokesperson also said that they will cooperate with the state's investigation.