EXCLUSIVE: McDonald's employee stabbed by woman inside DC restaurant

WASHINGTON -- A woman who works at a McDonald's near the White House said a person walked into the restaurant Thursday and suddenly stabbed her.

Terrie Cooper was on the job for just five months when it happened. She said her attacker began pacing in the lobby, walked behind the counter and stabbed her six times.

"Two minutes after that, I had my back turned and the lady entered into our kitchen and stabbed me in my back telling me that I killed her child," Cooper described to us. "I looked up at her and I was like, 'Please stop, I don't know you.' She chased me all the way through the kitchen. I fell and got a small cut on my leg."

She added, "Before she could try to do any other things to my neck, that's when the Secret Service came and ran in and tackled her. D.C. police officers followed up with them."

She said the attack happened early Thursday evening and she had to be taken to the hospital. The 34-year-old returned home early Friday morning to her District Heights apartment.

Despite the woman's claims, Cooper said the two have no connection.

McDonald's did not respond to our request for comment on this situation.

But Cooper said she is afraid for return to work and has questions about her safety.

"I was attacked in broad daylight downtown in front of the White House with no type of security," Cooper said. "And at that time, the cameras weren't even working, and any other time, our cameras are working. She entered into our work area freely like it was just nothing."

D.C. police have identified the suspect as 31-year-old Jacqueline Aldama.

Police are continuing to investigate this case.