EXCLUSIVE: DC family upset after police execute search warrant for suspect who doesn't live there

A Northeast D.C. family is upset after D.C. police executed a search warrant on their house looking for someone who doesn't live there.

The family was getting ready for school at 7 a.m. Wednesday when police barreled in with a search warrant. The family said they held guns to the heads of the youngest children and terrorized them until police realized the person they were looking for wasn't there.

"They put a gun to me and my sister's head," said 9-year-old Diamond Nixon. "Then they walked us up the stairs and they had my father handcuffed. He was butterball naked."

Diamond's father, Darrell Gilmore, was in the shower when the police raided the house. He is a single father of seven children. Their mother passed away.

"You scared a 9-year-old and a 10-year-old half to death," said Gilmore. "Now they don't even want to go to school and they don't even want to trust the police officers."

Gilmore's oldest son, Darrell Nixon, said he was getting the younger kids ready for school when the police pushed in the front door.

"They actually put guns in my face," he said. "They had flashlights in my eyes."

His sister, Danielle, was asleep at the time. She described the scene to us when police arrived: "He bust open my door. He said, 'This is Metropolitan Police.' He didn't tell me who he was looking for. He said, 'Where are the guns?' I had my hands up in the air. The man proceeded to tell me to get out of the bed. I only had on shorts and a shirt. I was indecent."

Young Diamond and her sister were in their bed.

"They were holding like a big gun … pointing to me and my sister's head," said Diamond. "And he told us to put our hands up and don't move."

Her father showed us the search warrant for their house. Police were searching for firearms, ammunition and other items. The return on the warrant showed "nothing recovered."

Police told him they were looking for a man named Eric Smith, but he has no connection to the family.

The police left without fixing the damage. There were several cracked doors and a closet door was off the hinge.

"They ransacked my room, they didn't clean up after themselves or nothing," said Darrell Nixon.

"We got violated this morning and I feel like my civil rights got violated this morning," said Darrell Gilmore. "All of our civil rights in this house got violated by Metropolitan Police Department this morning."

D.C. police spokesperson Lt. Sean Conboy told FOX 5, "We have contacted the complainant and an investigation has been initiated into his allegations to determine if any misconduct took place."

I also called the union shop steward for the Sixth District -- the station that executed this search. Officer Robert Underwood said the detectives never pointed their guns at the children in the house at any time. He also said that all evidence they had led them to believe that the suspected armed robber lived at that address.