Ex-karate instructor and convicted sex offender facing new allegations in decades-old case

A convicted child sex offender is now accused of doing it again. The former karate instructor is facing new charges in a case that dates back decades.

The victim, who is now an adult, came forward in recent months. Police say he was abused by his karate instructor, Jorge Allica, starting more than 30 years ago when he was just 10 years old.

It was at a nonprofit karate school in Northwest D.C. where police say Allica met the boy in 1984. Allica, who also used the name George, was a volunteer instructor at Aikido Shobuken Dojo.

The victim, now in his 40s, told police the sexual abuse occurred at Allica's Silver Spring apartment and the boy's Chevy Chase home.

"The suspect had inappropriate sexual contact with him many years ago when he was actually ten [years old], and the abuse lasted for approximately ten years," said Cpl. Rebecca Innocenti with Montgomery County Police.

At the time, Allica also worked for Prince George's County Public schools from 1989 to 1991.

Allica was arrested in 1994 for child sexual abuse, about the same time the current victim said the abuse ended. Allica later pleaded guilty to two counts of child abuse.

A member of the board at the karate school says it severed ties with him when those allegations surfaced.

"I know I was called and told he had been arrested for molesting some of his students in the public school system and that was as much as we knew at the time," said board member Thurston Carlton.

Allica is out on bond on the current charges. At the D.C. home where he had been living, no one would answer the door even though people were clearly inside.

After the newest allegations surfaced, police tell FOX 5 a second possible victim has come forward and investigators are looking into the case.

"The suspect had access to children in his role as a karate teacher," said Innocenti. "He also was a Prince George's County public school teacher for approximately three years. So again, he did have interactions with children."

Police are asking for any other potential victims to contact investigators.

According to court records, Allica served a one-year sentence with nine years suspended on the 1994 child abuse convictions. He was on probation for five years and ordered to undergo counseling.

Until now, the karate school had no idea any of its students may have been victimized.

"There was no evidence that we knew of any connection to any of our students," said Carlton.

Police did not say why the most recent victim came forward now after all these years.

Allica is charged with eleven counts of first, second and third-degree sex offenses.

He has been working as a self-employed landscaper for the past 15 years.