Election stress taking a toll on voters

Have you had it with this election? You are not alone. Election fatigue, stress or anxiety is real and much of the country is tired of it and ready for it to end.

An American Psychological Association survey found this election has been a source of significant stress for more than half of Americans.

Erica Turner, a therapist at Group Therapy Associates, said she is seeing some of that in her practice. She said the top election-related complaints are loss of sleep, inability to focus and problems with disconnecting and relaxing because of election stress.

"Because we can't have a huge immediate impact on who is president … I think there is a sense of helplessness," Turner explained.

According to Turner, a big part of the problem in this election has been the role of social media constantly reactivating the emotions and stress.

"Maybe you wouldn't have talked so much about your political beliefs with extended family members or people you don't see every day or that sort of thing - and now it's like in your face," said Turner.

For some, the stress will not end on Election Day. Turner said if the election doesn't go your way, take a step back and ask yourself this question: "How is this person being elected really going to impact my day-to-day life?"

Then take action.

"Use that passion and intensity - do something with that," she said. "Volunteer for a cause that is really important to you. Volunteer for the opposite campaign that will be gearing up right after tomorrow to start this whole cycle over again."