Eighth bus carrying migrants 'en route to DC,' Texas Gov. Abbott says

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Tuesday on FOX News an eighth bus full of migrants is now en route to Washington, D.C.

Because Biden and the White House refuse to secure the border, Abbott said, he is "bringing the border to Biden."

"We will continue the bussing process every single day for the reason that I think you mentioned earlier on. And that is the Biden administration has been dumping off these migrants by the hundreds in local communities that do not have the ability to take care or deal with," he said.

Fourth Texas migrant bus arrives near US Capitol in DC

"These migrants are being dropped off – and as opposed to them being there in these small communities or the small communities having to spend money dealing with it, we decided to bus them to Washington, D.C."

WASHINGTON, DC- APRIL 13: Migrants who were transported on a bus from Texas are seen outside of Union Station in Washington, DC, on April 13, 2022. (Photo by Craig Hudson for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Abbott was pressed on another report that he may also direct buses another 200 miles farther northeast to Biden's home state of Delaware in hopes of getting the president's attention. 

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Biden still spends many of his weekends in the state, whether it be at his home in Greenville or his beach house in Rehoboth Beach.

"The Biden administration has abandoned the responsibility for national security," he said.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey agreed and added that the federal government is "not supporting the men and women that are in law enforcement at the city level, the state level or the county level."

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