Easter ruined? Creme Egg recipe redo has chocolate lovers hopping mad

Chocolate lovers in the U.K. are hopping mad after one of the country's favorite Easter confections is getting an overhaul by its U.S.-based producer.

Kraft Foods -- which now owns chocolate maker Cadbury -- has stunned consumers by no longer using Cadbury's Dairy Milk in the recipe for its Creme Eggs. And, there's more: the company also is reducing a package from six eggs to five, without reducing the price. U.S. giant Kraft Foods bought Cadbury in 2010 and its global snacks business under the name of Mondelez International.

According to The Sun newspaper, consumers reported that the latest batch of Creme Eggs did not have its familiar taste. Cadbury confirmed to the tabloid that it has switched out Dairy Milk for a "standard cocoa mix chocolate" in the shell.

"It's no longer Dairy Milk," a Mondelez spokesperson told the Sun. "It's similar, but not exactly Dairy Milk."

The old six-pack cost £3.05 ($4.60) while the new five-pack has a recommended retail price of £2.85 ($4.30).

Angry fans took to social media to express their disappointment.

Facebook user Sassie Jordan said she is " very disappointed," adding, "I will no longer be buying creme eggs for me or my family! Also whos ever heard of 5 eggs? I am sure eggs come in 6 and 12's...you are ruining a classic treat that everyone enjoys at Easter. Shame on you!!"

There are even calls to boycott the company.

"Boycott the company for there cheap under hand tactics towards consumers we expect it from nestle on yorkie bars but now caburys?" [sic].

The Cadbury Creme Egg has been a seasonal Easter tradition in the U.K. since 1975. The company says that more than 300 million are made each year and are available from New Year's Day to Easter Day.

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