Drone incident comes 1 day after 'No Drone Zone' campaign; man identified

The man apprehended by U.S. Secret Service after allegedly flying a small drone over a park outside the White House has been identified.

39-year-old Ryan MacDonald, of Vacaville, California, was taken into custody Thursday after authorities say they saw him operating a drone in Lafayette Park.

Officers asked MacDonald to land the drone then placed him under arrest.

The incident involving MacDonald comes just one day after the Federal Aviation Administration launched an information campaign to remind the public that Washington and communities within a 15-mile radius of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport are part of a "No Drone Zone."

Those rules were adopted after the Sept. 11 attacks.

FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said in a statement Wednesday, "Anyone visiting the D.C. area should leave their drone at home."

MacDonald's Thursday arrest follows a string of incidents involving manned and unmanned aircraft in restricted D.C. space.

Nearly four months ago, a quadcopter drone piloted by an off-duty U.S. intelligence employee landed on the White House lawn. The Secret Service said at the time that the landing appeared to be accidental and not a security threat.

In April, a Florida postal worker landed a gyrocopter on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.