Driving Skills for Life held at Dulles Airport

All too often, news breaks about a devastating car accident involving young drivers or passengers. In an effort to help prevent these tragic accidents, a major car maker is sponsoring a series of driving classes this weekend at Dulles Airport.

Ford Motor Company is holding a program called 'Ford's local Driving Skills For Life' which is held March 19-20 at Dulles Airport. It's a free workshop focused on new drivers.

"The reason to do this was that the leading cause of death among teenagers in the United States is car crashes," according to Ford driving instructor Mike Speck.

Ford is committed to giving newly licensed drivers the tools they need to be better, safer drivers.

There will be four half-day sessions to train newly permitted and licensed drivers. The program gives new drivers the chance to drive on a closed course with professional instructors. The sessions focus on hazard recognition, vehicle handling, space and speed management, and distracted and impaired driving.

Participants must have either their permit or driver's license. The program is free of cost and vehicles will be provided to use during the event. Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to attend the clinic and learn alongside participants. There will also be an information session for parents.

To sign up for one of the sessions, visit http://www.drivingskillsforlife.com/events-cat/events/state/VA