Driver dies in violent crash at Yello Belly Drag Strip

A driver died in a crash at a drag racing strip in Grand Prairie.

The crash happened around 11:30 p.m. Thursday night at the Yello Belly Drag Strip. It was at the end of a high-speed race between a Mustang and a Thunderbird.

A man who works at the track told FOX 4 both drivers in the race were experienced. And while he said there is a thick concrete wall that is supposed to stop cars from going to far, this crash happened past the walls.

"The Mustang slid a little bit and then you see him veer over into the lane of the other car. You see a cloud of smoke and a quick explosion," said Allen Roberson Jr.

After the Mustang hit the Thunderbird, the Thunderbird veered off the track and hit a tree. The driver, 23-year-old Blake Williams, died instantly. The other driver was hurt but is expected to recover.

Sheriff's investigators say Yello Belly has the proper permits and don't expect to file any charges. They call it an unfortunate accident.

Roberson said the track is a place where drivers can go for a safer alternative to street racing. Crashes, especially fatal crashes, are rare, he said.

"Whatever you have, if you have a car and you want to race it, you can come out here and try your luck. Grudge racing, it's been around forever. But it's getting really big," he said.

The track now hopes to come up with a way to help raise money for Williams' family. Friends said he leaves behind a wife and two children who were at the track and witnessed the accident.