Driver arrested for striking 2 police cruisers with dump truck

Prince George's County police say the driver of a dump truck intentionally rammed two of their cruisers, destroying one of them, after exchanging words with two officers in a shopping center in Glenarden.

No one was injured and the driver was arrested in what police are describing as an intentional assault on its officers.

Police say the officers had parked their cruisers in the Woodmore Towne Center with the intention of replacing some fluids when the driver of the Allstar Utility Company truck pulled up alongside and shouted something to the officers. What he said is being investigated by police.

The truck driver, who had been working on a job just across the street, pulled a U-turn, picked up some speed and first rammed the Ford Crown Victoria, crushing in the rear end and leaving the wheels in the trunk of the vehicle.

Police say the man then got out of the truck and took a threatening stance with the officers before being handcuffed and placed under arrest.

An employee with Allstar Utility Company told FOX 5 the driver has been with the company for some time and to his knowledge had never expressed any views that are anti-police.

No one at Allstar Utility Company has answered any questions from FOX 5.