Dramatic video shows people BASE jumping off buildings in Tysons

BASE jumping is an extreme sport typically done off of bridges or cliffs that involves pulling a parachute on the way down. Now, dramatic video shows people BASE jumping off of buildings in Tysons.

Fairfax County police say last summer they received several calls from witnesses who saw people jumping off of the brand new Lumen apartment building, which is still under construction. It will be the tallest building in the area, standing at more than 850 feet above sea level -- 200 feet more than the Washington Monument.

Several BASE jumping videos were sent to FOX 5 by a concerned citizen. They appear to show people leaping into a free fall from the Tysons hi-rise and then parachuting down to the busy streets below, landing on asphalt in parking lots or on roads, narrowly avoiding trees, cars and people.

FOX 5 has not been able to independently verify these videos but the person who sent them says the thrill seekers have been illegally trespassing. The BASE jumpers have also reportedly been posting photos and videos of their jumps on Facebook.

On Tuesday, we spoke to the construction company of the Lumen building who told FOX 5 several people broke into their construction site in August 2018, climbed a tower crane, gained access to the roof and jumped off. They reported the incident to police.

Authorities said their officers were investigating the reports, but they said the most serious charge the Daredevils could face is trespassing.

After the incident, the construction company said they ramped up security by putting in extra fencing and blocking access to their cranes. So far, no one is facing any charges.

If you have any information on these reported incidents, you are urged to contact police.