Dramatic video shows car crash into business in Kenner, Louisiana

Dramatic video captures the moment a car slammed into a Louisiana business before emerging back out of the wreckage.

The Kenner Police Department says the driver, who is believed to have been suffering from a medical condition, actually struck two storefronts before officers stopped him.

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The incident occurred Tuesday morning at a shopping center on West Esplanade Ave.

Police say the driver was trying to park at a physical therapy clinic for an appointment when he jumped the curb and struck a column out front. 

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Authorities say the driver then reversed into the parking lot, made a 180-degree turn and then continued backing up into an optical business next to the physical therapy clinic.

Video captured by a bystander shows the car plowing into the building before the car tears out of the wreckage into the parking lot.

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Police say officers were able to stop the 78-year-old driver, who was disoriented and wasn’t able to answer basic questions.

According to police, no one at the business center was injured in the crash.

The investigation continues, and police have not announced any charges.

This story was reported from Houston.