Donations needed to help family after mom dies in violent hammer attack

Months after a mother was killed and her two young children severely injured in a vicious hammer attack, a Maryland community is coming together to make sure life will be easier for the young lives who miraculously survived the encounter.

Naomy, 8, and her brother, Adyhnn, 4, are still recovering from their injuries. Their mother, 25-year-old Airealle Sells, was killed after authorities say her boyfriend, 26-year-old Sharef Hayward, used a hammer to assault her and her kids.

The children are now living with their grandmother, Valentina Downing, whose home is being retrofitted to become more accessible to their future needs.

Habitat for Humanity is helping add 500 square feet to her existing home to accommodate two bedrooms, a bathroom and a walk-in-style shower with a built-in seat.

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Downing said her grandchildren will never be the same after they both suffered brain trauma.

"The best way I can explain it to Naomy, because she's the oldest, is that God is still in control of everything," said Downing. "We may not understand why, if or how things happen, but everything in this world happens for a reason. Look at what God is doing through this tragedy."

Adhynn remains hospitalized - his left side is paralyzed and he's unable to walk or eat regular food.

Downing has sole guardianship of Naomy and Adhynn. She says her faith has kept her strong through this tragedy.

The family is asking for everyone to keep Adhynn in their thoughts as he is set to undergo neck surgery on Thursday.

Right now, the Downing family is staying at The Children's House at John Hopkins in Baltimore for at least another two weeks.

Habitat for Humanity does need more donations for The Downing Project. Click here to donate.