Dominion Energy plant causes concern for potential impact on Mount Vernon view

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Visiting Mount Vernon is almost like stepping back in time. The home of George Washington made to look as it did when he lived here. Part of that experience is the stunning view of the Potomac River. But a new campaign "Save George Washington's view" is aimed at preserving the view directly in front of the historic estate.

Dominion Energy has planned to build a natural gas compressor station across the Potomac in Maryland, but the energy company says you won't be able to see it from the historic home.

"It's very relaxing and I thought to myself I was going to come this way just to sit here for a few minutes," said Mount Vernon Lorra Bancroft, who's visiting from Michigan. She and 87 million visitors have enjoyed this view over the years.

Many worry what a natural gas station across the river in Maryland could do to that view.

"I think that would be atrocious," said Bancroft.

Doug Bradburn is the CEO of Mount Vernon he says us Charles County in Southern Maryland has already said no to the compressor station but worries Dominion energy will find a legal avenue to move forward.

"The key thing for us isn't really the size of the plant but the fact of the plant, but the fact that's it's in the viewshed area where we don't know what might happen in the future," says Bradburn.

Dominion Energy says it's worked with Mount Vernon for two years now to find a place that won't impact the view. A company spokesperson says Dominion Energy doesn't want to hurt the historic view.

"We've designed the facility to make sure it is not visible," says Karl Neddenien with Dominion Energy.

Mount Vernon is not only asking people to contact local leaders but to also voice their concerns on social media.