Dog stabbed 32 times by man, who was later killed by deputies

Terry Greene's basset hound, Levi, is recovering at a Hernando County vet's office. Levi was the victim of a scary attack.

Monday morning, the 6-year-old canine found himself being stabbed by a crazed man with a knife in one hand and a tire iron in the other, after the man burst through Terry Greene's back door.

"I'm angry that it was done to him," Greene said. "I can't go to my house. I drive around Brooksville all day long because all I see him coming through that back door with a knife."

And Green's granddaughter was home at the time, too.

"He just came walking in with a tire iron and knife. He was bumping the walls and everything," said Green's granddaughter, Lexie Enoch.

As for the attacker, calls started pouring into the 911 center about a man acting bizarre in the area. When deputies found 26-year-old Taylor Kendall Hodge, he was armed with a knife. They used a Taser, but deputies say it had no effect. Hodge was eventually shot and killed by deputies.

During that time, more calls came to 911. One family reported a man had broken in and killed their dog. And Green made the call after Hodge stabbed Levi 32 times.

The vet who is treating Levi says he's lucky to be alive.

"I think as far as the severity of the attack, it's probably the worst I've seen," said Dr. Ned Szempruch. "There were so many of them, they lacerated blood vessels and muscles."

Levi already lost a third of his ear and could lose the rest. A fundraising account has been set up to help with mounting vet bills. It's reached $4,000, in just three days.

"When I went on that page and saw the supporters out there and the things they had to say, I can't thank anyone enough," Green added.