Dog rescued from freezing water in Prince George's County (VIDEO)

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With snow and cold temperatures taking their toll on people and animals alike, a dog was rescued from freezing water in Prince George's County on Friday.

Officials say they got the call just after 4 p.m. Friday at the 6800 block of West Forest Road Hyattsville.

Video taken by Prince George's County Fire and EMS Battalion Chief Bryan Spies show a Ladder 30 Landover Hills Firefighter McCullough rescuing the cold and scared pup.

Ladder 30 says Firefighter McCullough set up a ladder down into the creek and lowered himself down.

They say he made contact with the dog, who was wagging his tail from happiness that someone was there to help him.

It is estimated that the dog, a Golden Retriever, is about 10 years old. He was too frozen to even go up the ladder from the dam where he was, but was brought to safety.

Officials say firefighters brought the dog back to their firehouse, dried him off, fed him chicken and water and he fell asleep on the floor.

The dog was micro-chipped, but it was not registered to an owner, fire officials say. However, the firefighter who rescued the dog is going to attempt to adopt him on Saturday.