Dog comforts buddy going through surgery

Animals can love just as much--if not more--than humans do, don't you think? Even in a time of need and comfort, they seem to grasp what it means to be there for their family and buddies.

Both of these dogs were adopted from different shelters in South Carolina, weeks apart. Sammie is four months old and has been shot, dragged by a car, and spray painted. Simon is one year old and is recovering from his own terrible experiences while he was with his former owner.

Simon took to Sammie immediately, recognizing they both have been through hard times. And what do we do when we know a friend of ours needs to be lifted up? We make that person feel better and show that we are there. Same thing goes for these two newly found friends.

Photo: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Sammie was on an operating table when Simon came over and rested his paw on Sammie's. Both are survivors...and you can tell they understand each other.

Photo: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Doesn't this just make your heart melt?

You can see in this video that Sammie is doing much better--his tail wagging with all the energy he has after his operation:

As you can imagine, the cost of Sammie's emergency room surgeries are really expensive. To help with the costs, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC has set up a crowdfunding account, asking for donations. Their goal is $17,500 and donors have helped them to almost reach their goal.

Click here to read about Sammie on YouCaring crowdfunding page.

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