Document: Metro murder suspect tested negative for drugs; wasn't tested for synthetic drugs

Court documents say the suspect in the murder of a man aboard a D.C. Metro train on July 4th tested negative for drugs this week, but was not tested for synthetic drugs.

Jasper Spires is accused of attacking Kevin Sutherland on the Fourth of July as the two rode a Red Line Metro train into the city. First, investigators say, Spires grabbed Sutherland's cell phone before beating and stabbing the 24-year-old to death. The attack was carried out in front of several witnesses, who were unable to stop it.

According to a D.C. Superior Court document obtained by FOX 5's Paul Wagner on Friday, Spires has tested negative for drugs twice since July 2. The document says when Spires was arrested this week, he was not tested for synthetic drugs, and tested negative for others.


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