DMV residents could face more mandates, restrictions as COVID cases rise again

The recent uptick in COVID-19 infections reminds us that despite our hopes, the pandemic is not over, and with the Delta variant on the rise and the CDC recommending masks despite vaccination status, many in the DMV are wondering: what restrictions and setbacks could be next?

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"We wore masks all school year and we were with the kids all school year and everything was fantastic and then we all got vaccinated, but now because some people aren’t wearing masks or getting vaccinated, we’re going back into what we just came out of which was traumatic. It was a long school year," says Prince William County teacher Emma Mcintyre.

FOX 5 spoke with a doctor and asked if we could face another lockdown. They said it's not out of the range of possibilities if people aren't masking up and social distancing.

Montgomery County health officials tell FOX 5 their focus right now is whether or not to reinstate a mask mandate.

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In Virginia, Fairfax and Loudoun Counties and Arlington and Alexandria say no lockdown is being considered at this time.

FOX 5 also asked White House officials directly if a mandatory shutdown is a possibility.

"No. We have made so much progress thanks to the president’s rescue plan that provides resources to make sure that every community can operate under every level of spread," says White House Assistant Press Secretary Kevin Munoz. "More than 80% of seniors are vaccinated. We are not going to turn back the clock to March 2020; there will not be another lockdown."

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Health officials say above all, everyone has to do their part to stop the spread, which means wearing a mask, social distancing and getting vaccinated.