Divide apparent in Virginia after closer than expected election result

One state that turned out to be much tighter than people expected in the race for the White House was in Virginia, especially considering Hillary Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine was on the Democratic ticket. In the end, Clinton did carry the state, but the divide is very apparent.

Despite the loss in Virginia, Donald Trump received almost 45 percent of the vote in the state and geographical location had a lot to do with the areas Trump won.

In general, the president-elect carried counties further away from Washington D.C. while the counties that Clinton won tended to be closer to the nation's capital or larger cities in population.

Some of the counties that went red and voted in favor of Trump included Spotsylvania, Stafford and Fauquier County. FOX 5 talked to some Trump supporters in Fauquier County about his victory in the general election and they expressed the need for change.

"If he does what he says he can do, it's going to be a great thing," said Doug Fisher. "Over the last eight years, it's been a disaster. You have seen racism become a bigger issue than it's ever been. You have seen the economy fall to places where it's never been. The Democrats have raised taxes to where we can barely eat."

"Better him than Hillary," said an African American voter. "Anybody is better than Hillary."

"Stunned to see all of the voter turnout," said a female voter. "Excited that he is in office and maybe things can change."

In counties that supported Clinton such as Fairfax and Arlington County, those voters expressed surprise.

"I am really disappointed, been crying on and off since they announced it, trying not to tear up - even now," said Kate Locke, a Clinton supporter. "I really can believe it."

She added, "I just feel like America chose to go backwards. We chose racism and bigotry and just everything we have been fighting to make better for the last 100 years and we chose to go backwards."

"I don't think anyone has seen an election like this before and it's kind of horrifying to think that is going to continue for four more years," said Joia LaRoche.