Did you see a white tiger on the side of the road in Montgomery County? You weren’t the only one!

If you were driving along Interstate 270 over the weekend and thought you saw a white tiger on the side of the road – don't worry – your mind wasn't playing tricks on you!

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There was a tiger sighting – but luckily for everyone who lives in the Rockville area – it was just a tiger statue!

Montgomery County Police

Police say they received a call Saturday morning from a driver who reported a white tiger sitting on the jersey wall of 270 near Montrose Road. When they got there they found a large, lifelike, tiger sculpture!

How did the tiger get there? No idea! Authorities say that remains a mystery. But they did say the statue has been adopted by Montgomery County's 1st District officers and has found a new perch at the station -- where this time – it's only likely to interrupt foot traffic!